The place where world politics are conducted today was merely a swampy delta of two rivers more than two hundred years ago Here in the mosquito infested middle of nowhere far away from New York s and Philadelphia s lobbyists the new capital of the United States planned by Pierre Charles L Enfant in 1791 was built from scratch Unlike a city that has gradually grown a planned city has a designed layout and often a uniform appearance and specific purpose Ancient Cologne for instance was built on the basis of a standard layout that applied to all new Roman settlements Another example is Neuf Bri sach commissioned as a new fortress city by Louis XIV to secure the French border on the Rhine In most cases planned cities are an ex pression of an ideology such as Karlsruhe that was built with a rul er s claim to absolute power or Halle Neustadt a city planned much later according to socialist ideals The planned city represents the de sire to create a perfect setting for a perfect society L Enfant as well planned Washington D C with plenty of prestige and impressive effects in mind a grid street plan with splendid squares and parks and traversed by long boulevards starting from the cen ter of power the Capitol 800 000 people were planned to live here When Congress moved into the United States Capitol in 1800 the city only had a population of 8 000 whose homes appeared lost in the fields below the Capitol Building Those setting foot outside the Capi tol Building better wore boots as protection against the mud The Na tional Mall with numerous museums as a defining element of the city scape was only added to Washington D C in the 20th century In 1950 the city finally achieved the number of inhabitants it was planned for In the core city below Capitol Hill the originally planned city has been preserved and thanks to the wide streets remained functional as well However the days of peace and quiet for government are over Washington today not only has many lobbyists but also major social issues poverty and violence MOSQUITOS YESTERDAY WORLD POLITICS TODAY WASHINGTON D C Washington s splendid National Mall photographed from the roof of the Capitol 37 in motion

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