8 36 14 44 5428 4820 GOOD TO KNOW ON THE GREENFIELD ROLE MODEL IN THE EAST THE CITY A MELTING POT LIVING IN UTOPIA GLOBALIZATION 1 0MOSHI MOSHI CITY CHARTS Facts figures oddities a 360 degree view of the vast field of urbanization Why in planned cities not everything necessarily goes according to plan examples from Brasília to Washington Singapore is regarded as a showcase of urban mobility of tomorrow that s exactly why Schaeffler is there today Living in tightly packed conditions generates friction and pioneering ideas When science fiction writers picture urban visions of the future the colors they use are seldom bright How powerful alliances of cities can be is shown by the Medieval Hanseatic League Between tradition and kitsch about life as a foreigner in Tokyo the world s biggest city These are the biggest oldest most expensive safest and most innovative cities in the world global A glimpse of the world in motion Innovations in the course of time 4 5

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