The inhabitants of Masdar City are still in a state of hope as well The project was launched in 2008 as the world s first planned eco city in the desert near Abu Dhabi The British architect Sir Norman Foster planned Masdar in a compartmentalized form based on the example of old Arab cities with shaded alleys and small squares Both traditional and new forms of construction serve to shade and cool the buildings in the desert heat In fact the ar chitecture built so far is as exciting as it was in the initial plans In Masdar outstanding technologies can be found such as self driving electric taxis to replace privately owned cars modern wind towers for cooling buildings and a 22 hectare 54 3 acre photovoltaics system Only the construction prog ress decelerated enormously The city was planned to be finished by 2016 have 47 000 residents and be totally self sufficient in terms of energy and sus tainably functional By 2017 only 13 buildings five percent of the city had been completed The small number of residents are now hoping that their city will finally be finished by 2030 FOSTER S FATA MORGANA Same problem different city Like Paris Medie val Barcelona became too cramped but instead of tearing it down urban planner Ildefons Cerdà enlarged the metropolis by about eight times its previous size For the Eixample he planned five story residential buildings on a grid system with green patios and small parks Tree lined boulevards crisscross the grid in the form of rays toward the splendid Plaza de las Glòries How ever real estate speculation drove up the price of the properties Instead of light air green and patios a kilometer long mass of houses grew The prestigious Plaza de las Glòries became a two level street circle Today the Eixample is one of the most densely populated residential dis tricts in Europe Even so it s very popular The city government is planning to triple the number of trees rid the Plaza de las Glòries of cars and to transform it into an urban park by 2020 Thus Barcelona is following the new vision of our times the green planned city CATALAN GRID PLAN BARCELONA Attractive grid pattern Barcelona s hip Eixample district with the famous La Sagrada Familia cathedral 40 41

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