TIANJIN ECO CITY MASDAR Instead of by 2016 Masdar will only be completed by 2030 at the earliest The world is in a state of rapid urbanization In China alone one billion people are planned to be living in cities by 2030 so new solutions for environmentally compatible urban mobility energy and industry are needed Tianjin Eco City a 30 square kilometer 11 6 square mile green utopia 150 kilometers 93 miles from Beijing is supposed to set standards Started in 2007 the city is being built on a section of the coast that used to be contaminated by gray water The environmental aims of the project planners are ambitious With futuristic high rise residential buildings and green belts the size of 588 football pitches the city is intended to enable a sustainable lifestyle Electricity is planned to be supplied from renewable sources the buildings are supposed to be energy saving and planted with greenery across the surfaces People are intended to live in socially mixed neighborhoods and able to go to work and do their shopping in close proximity to their homes on foot by bi cycle or by bus and train By 2020 350 000 people are planned to be living here At the moment the population figures are still below expectations and the houses built so far do not present a really eco futuristic appearance But the spaces for the parks are available and anything is still possible because the Chi nese construction industry is changing its visions standards and regulations at an amazing pace It launches construction projects with a euphoria about the future that would be rather unusual among Europeans abandoning without hesitation the past obsolete project ideas historic city districts or old build ings In China s cities there s nothing that lasts for a long time CHINA S GREEN WAVE Futuristic high rise buildings embedded in landscapes of water and parks in motion 41

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