There s another current vision for planned cities the digital the smart city For a city of this type construction of the South Korean coastal city of Songdo IBD a six square kilometer 2 3 square mile planned city for some 70 000 people 40 kilometers 25 miles from Seoul was started in 2005 Here as well everything that a functional city requires has been planned mixed use areas for living working education and the arts large bodies of water and parks that occupy about a third of the total area plus traffic connections via electric water taxis a subway and buses The connection of all user data of residents visitors and ser vice providers via the internet facility engineering a city wide cam era system and multifunctional chip cards is what makes Songdo IBD a smart city Residents use the chip cards as transportation tickets keys to their homes and as cards for health insurance and banking purpos es one card for all needs An IT system collects all the data and controls the infrastructure such as facility engineering and local transit systems as needed The objective is to optimally control resources like electricity and water and to achieve savings of up to 30 Many Koreans view what sounds like an Orwellian nightmare as something that makes everyday life easier and protects the climate After all about half of Songdo IBD is already inhabited Many companies have already moved there the parks have been created and most of the skyscrapers built SONGDO DATAFLOW IN SONGDO Songdo proves that even a connected city can be green 43 42

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