THE AUTHOR Rosa Grewe is a freelance jour nalist specializing in architecture structural engineering and urban planning The rhythm of the city en tered her bloodstream during a year spent in Mexico That s why she studied architecture majoring in urban planning That s why she subse quently went to Barcelona That s why she moved to Rhine Main after that That s why today she lives in the heart of the city and writes about the city and about the people that bring it to life PLANNED CITIES UNDER CONSTRUCTION The planned city offers the only opportunity to de sign livable spaces on a large scale for many people within a short period of time Every planned city begins with a great vision But very often planned cities suffer from the megalomania of those who build them or from the lack of their ability to change in an increasingly fast paced world HafenCity Hamburg Germany for 14 000 inhabitants on 240 ha 593 acres planned completion 2030 Seestadt Aspern near Vienna Austria for 20 000 inhabitants on 240 ha 593 acres planned completion 2028 Ørestad near Copenhagen Denmark for 20 000 inhabitants on 310 ha 766 acres EuropaCity near Paris France Entertainment district on 80 ha 198 acres with hotels shopping malls and attractions for 31 million visitors year no inhabitants planned completion 2024 Rawabi West Bank for 90 000 inhabitants on 630 ha 1 550 acres Lingang City China for 800 000 inhabitants on 45 326 ha 112 000 acres planned completion 2020 Sejong South Korea Administrative capital for 500 000 inhabitants on 46 523 ha 114 961 acres planned completion 2030 Ciudad Caribia Venezuela for 100 000 inhabitants planned completion 2018 Naypyidaw Myanmar planned as the capital for nearly 1 million inhabitants on 705 440 ha 1 743 180 acres planned cities planned as capitals Canberra New Delhi Valletta ancient planned cities Augsburg York Jerusalem planned cities built as fortresses Neuf Brisach Bourtange Saarlouis While Songdo has already become reality the House of Saud is planning to top all previous planned cities On the Red Sea in the Saudi Ara bian middle of nowhere in an area larger than the Paris metropolitan area the city of Neom is planned to be built While the city at the mo ment is still desert rock it s also more than that Neom is a utopia of superlatives with a 500 bil lion dollar budget Here people are supposed to live together in more relaxed varied modern smarter and happier ways They re supposed to explore new technologies and establish new business sectors and to advance culture the arts and education an automated infrastruc ture as well as climate and environmental pro tection In the words of the investors a place of an extent never seen before for a new inspiring era of human civilization NEVER SEEN BEFORE NEOM Today the place where for 500 billion dollars Neom is planned to be built from scratch is Red Sea desert and mountains in motion 43

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