60 84 64 88 74 98 108 114 104 SELF SUFFICIENCY CITY TALK TICKET TO RIDE PLEASE SWITCH DOWNTOWN RACING TOMORROW S TRUCKS WELL CONNECTED MASTHEAD THINKING AHEAD Cities have a huge hunger for energy And they d like to sate it themselves in sustainable and efficient ways What s behind the mega trend of urbanization Expert Carlo Ratti has answers The world s major train stations are pulsating palaces of interurban mobility Local passenger transportation is headed for the future with clever concepts and innovative vehicles Through the city with over 800 volts at 200 km h Formula E has revived the topic of street races Will drones be delivering our mail tomorrow How the logistics sector is planning to serve the cities of tomorrow Blockchain technology and ultra fast cell phone networks are the keys to the smart city Futurist Marianne Reeb reveals what she discovers when she looks into the crystal ball of mobility outlook Technology for tomorrow here and now Living with progress 5 contents

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