Authors William F Nolan and George Clayton Johnson This is what it s like there It is the year 2116 and no the city is not covered by domes like in the movie from 1976 What it does have is residential com plexes and fun parks plus the neigh borhoods are connected by express belts The inhabitants usually get around on foot but are also able to travel around the world underground at fantastic speeds Nature exists to the extent that the extra urban space is portrayed as a ref uge from totalitarian rule Would we like to live there Principally yes especially since people are living in an aff luent society However at age 21 they re eliminated to prevent overpopulation At least in the movie their life span has been extended to 30 years at which time they re evaporated in a ritual called carrousel SCIENCE FICTION CITIES LOS ANGELES LOGAN S RUN 1967 Author Earnest Cline This is what it s like there In a nutshell dismal In 2044 the majority of the population is pover ty stricken following an energy and economic cri sis In Oklahoma City people live in trailer homes piled on top of each other called stacks and are spending their time near exclusively in vir tual reality a digital miracle world in which you can play work and learn OASIS Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation serves as a free educational system because the offi cial institutions have become dys functional Would we like to live there No OKLAHOMA CITY READY PLAYER ONE 2011 51 50

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