Author H G Wells This is what it s like there In the 22nd century the UK has only four megacities with glass like climatic enclosures and wind turbines rotating on top of them London has 33 million inhabitants Rolling streets take the urbanites from A to B there s acoustical advertising in the streets working class people live in the lower sec tions of the city and some of them have to produce electricity in the treadmills Would we like to live there The sentence The city had swallowed up mankind doesn t suggest we would Author Suzanne Collins This is what it s like there The Cap itol is the capital city of Panem and located west of the Rocky Mountains The rest of the country is divided into 13 districts that supply the Capitol with raw materials The architecture and lifestyle of the upper class that exclusively lives in the Capitol might be interpreted as a modern adapta tion of ancient Rome The 96 463 residents primarily pursue their dec adent lifestyle of a high tech society with genet ically modified animals force fields and high speed trains Would we like to live there If you re into gluttony and gladiators why not LONDON CAPITOL THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME 1933 THE HUNGER GAMES 2008 2010 Author Robert Silverberg This is what it s like there The Urbmons short for Urban Monads are cone shaped skyscrapers inhabited by millions of people who typically won t leave them during their lifetime although speedboats commute between the buildings Urb mon 116 for example is three kilometers 1 9 miles high and has 800 000 resi dents A computer controls the technical infrastructure garbage and sewage are recycled The food for the residents is grown in agricultural communes and delivered to the Urbmons by courier capsules This is another place where the rule applies the higher you live the higher your social standing Would we like to live there Depends on how you look at it The society is focused on maximum procre ation residents with anti social inclinations including the wish for fresh air are thrown down a chute Author Jules Verne This is what it s like there In 1863 Jules Verne writes about the French capital 100 years later In 1960 people travel on passenger trains propelled by compressed air there are so called gas cabs with up to 30 horsepower and the saying goes In Paris there are no longer houses only streets In other words there s a hous ing shortage The prescience with which Jules Verne even back in his day writes about air pollution and as asides men tions a defi brillator fax machines or huge calculators is amazing Would we like to live there Perhaps not if we felt like Jules Verne who laments women s lib eration that has caused the Parisiennes to evolve into American women PARIS URBMON THE WORLD INSIDE 1971 PARIS IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY 1863 53 52

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