Author Kim Stanley Robinson This is what it s like there In 2140 the sea lev el due to climate change has risen by 15 me ters 50 feet Only the tips of the skyscrapers are above water linked by sky bridges There are greenhouses and farming floors in buildings with photovoltaic coatings cargo airships in the sky flying communities suspended from balloons and floating cities cruising on the ocean People move around in New York in vaporetto boat taxis or privately owned boats Here as well residential space is scarce and many people live in packable rooms called hotellos Would we like to live there Honestly speaking yes because the de scription of the skimmers is simply enticing they ride the waves of the flooded streets on their surfb oards NEW YORK NEW YORK 2140 2018 Doors are not locked in Urbmon 116 At night it is quite proper to enter other homes From The World Inside THE AUTHOR Wiebke Brauer from Hamburg is not only a bred in the bone urbanite but also ad mits to being a sci fi genre junkie Even as a child she rel ished the horrors of movies like Soi lent Green While reading the books for this story she noticed much to her chagrin that the frequently de scribed idea of the moving sidewalks has not yet caught on 53 in motion

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