within globally active companies Do Hanseatic virtues secure sustainable success here as well This is a very inspiring thought says Hosenfeldt and easily comes up with examples from his company To address top ics such as climate change and mobility research and innovation multilateral exchange on an equal footing is very important for Schaeffler as well The compa ny among other things maintains a global innovation network called SHARE Schaeffler Hub for Advanced Research that closely cooperates with universities in stitutes and research facilities in the areas of research and development for urban and interurban mobili ty We connect people interlink knowledge and thus build local mutual trust says Hosenfeldt a basis that goes a long way in assuring the satisfaction of custom ers and business partners Urban cornerstones of democracy In our times in which nationalist tendencies are on the rise threats of protective tariffs loom and the ter mination of political and economic treaties is becoming reality does a meaningful niche for confederations of cities even exist at all Benjamin R Barber one of the most influential U S political scientists would have an swered this question with a clear yes Before his death about a year ago he emphasized the important role of cities in an essay for Internationale Politik IP a nota ble foreign policy magazine This the hour of the cities he wrote which have by now grown into global cities It is up to them to save democracy once again While even Barber himself admitted that this challenge might be out of their league he felt that it was more likely for cities to be able to help govern the world democratically from the bottom up and to resolve issues pragmatically instead of ideologically What opportunities for this exist today is anyone s guess but the Hansa merchants would have liked the idea China is planning to invest some 900 billion dollars in the New Silk Road infrastructure project that bears some similarities to the ancient Silk Road and the historic Hanseatic League Numerous metropo lises in about 70 countries are already involved in the project billed initiated and driven by the Chi nese as One Belt One Road New roads railroad tracks airports and seaports are planned to be built between China in the east Europe in the west and Africa in the south 62 percent of the world popula tion would be affected by this mammoth project The Schaeffler Group actively participates in the One Belt One Road initiative and related projects coordinated by Professor Rainer Lind ner PhD CEO of the Subregion Central Eastern Europe Middle East Africa In a project launched at Expo 2017 in Astana Schaeffler supports the modernization of the Ka zakhstan railroad Kazakhstan is an important hub for many routes along the New Silk Road Development of other railroad projects in the Asia Pacific region including Indonesia Malaysia and other countries Already actively deployed are rail ship ments of cargo on the track between the Duisburg Harbor and China Schaeffler taps into business potential in the Khalifa Port Abu Dhabi Phase II project Schaeffler together with the Foreign Office initiated the Eurasian Connectivity working group that in addition to the German federal gov ernment includes companies and business asso ciations The working group s objective is the timely gathering and evaluation of information about new projects CONNECTING CONTINENTS THE AUTHOR As a physicist and science journalist for numerous supra regional media Jan Oli ver Löfken enjoys writing about new ap proaches to energy mobility and urban development As a native of Hamburg he appreciates the combination of reliability and liberality of the Hanseatic metropolis Singapore Rotterdam Beijing Madrid Dar es Salaam Railway Vessel in motion 57

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