Plus one of the oldest vehicles is now experienc ing a revival the bicycle In Copenhagen the number of cyclists commuting in and out of the downtown area sur passed those using cars already in 2015 Because the city promotes the use of bicycles by providing better bike paths and more direct connections the number of cy clists has nearly tripled since 1970 whereas the number of car drivers has dropped by more than a third So does that mean that only environmentalists live in Denmark Not really Copenhagen according to Forbes is one of the most expensive and desirable places to live in Eu rope And only one in a hundred cyclists uses a bike for environmental reasons A survey has shown that most people choosing to ride bicycles do so because they re cheap healthy and fast City governments in Asia that for decades were endeavoring to replace bicycles by au tomobiles have since discovered the advantages of the pedal powered two wheelers as well Bike rentals are burgeoning there Electricity and heat wood replaces coal But where will the electricity come from if in the future cars are going to need energy from the grid just like the growing number of buildings being heated with electric heat pumps Copenhagen is committed to pro ducing its own electric power The city has not only in vested in the 20 wind turbines in Øresund and other offshore wind farms but also operates wind turbines of REYKJAVÍK is regarded as the world s cleanest city even outstripping Copenhagen and other green strongholds such as Vancouver and Oslo thanks to the forces of nature Iceland s capital city with its population of 120 000 is supplied with electricity thermal energy for heating and hot water by hydropower and geothermal energy By 2050 at the latest fossil fuel for internal combustion engines is supposed to have become a thing of the past as well its own in Jutland and Lolland Other cities have been following suit The public utility in Munich for instance has secured wind farms as well particularly in the dis tant North Sea and comments with pride By 2025 we intend to produce as much green electricity in our own wind farms as Munich needs The public utilities of oth er cities are investing in renewable energies as well and many local politicians are urging the operators of old coal fired power stations to replace the CO2 belching plants by climate friendly ones Pressured by the city the Vattenfall power company recently replaced a large brown coal fired power plant by more eco friendly gas fired power stations But Copenhagen is taking things a step further in this area as well Also within sight of the Little Mermaid Denmark s largest utility company Hofor is currently building a power station that will exclusively burn wood starting next year The carbon dioxide emitted in the combustion process of wood is simultaneously trapped where the wood for the coming years is currently re grown Even today the CO2 emissions of every resident of Copenhagen are only 2 8 metric tons 3 short tons per year The new power plant will supply a third of Copenha gen s households with climate friendly heat This will bring the city another step closer to reaching its goal of successfully completing its energy and climate project by 2025 Plus it ll become an even more attractive des tination for mayors from all over the world to visit and learn from its example Useful eye catcher the wind turbines of the World Trade Center in Bahrain cover an eighth of its energy requirement 63 62

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