above the entrance to the Victorian Neogothic station sits a dome that can be accessed Perched on it is the Progress statue 15 km 9 3 mi trains and 2 million people per day use the 18 tracks north of the magnificent building an underground train station for high speed trains is in planning start of construction TBD 100 meters 328 ft 1 300 Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus opened in 1888 as Victoria Terminus Trans Siberian Railway connects Moscow with the far eastern lands of the Russian Empire and in 1957 the Trans Europ Express begins to traverse at high speed countries that are just slowly beginning to grow together politically Even to those who couldn t afford to travel in those days train stations would offer the chance to indulge in a little bit of wistful wanderlust by walking through awe inspiring portals window shopping in the classicistic sandstone concourses sharing the dreams of far away places and adven tures with the people in the waiting halls Train sta tions provided the appropriate setting for nurturing the hopes linked to departures feeling the pain of farewells and the shedding of tears of joy upon the arrival of loved ones returning from a journey Train stations in the course of time And then the automobile appears on the scene and redefines all dreams of long distant travel and mobility From the 1950s on its triumph causes one rail service after another one rail line after another to disappear and train stations are falling victim to the mass of cramped suburban trains that degrade from being a symbol of the pleasures of travel to a symbol of the daily grind Only when high speed trains make cities increas ingly fast to reach and the railroad pits its fortes against the over abundance of automobiles the ta bles turn again Today masterpieces of engineer ing just having traveled as swift as arrows at 300 350 kilometers 180 220 mi per hour are rolling into the familiar stations reviving the trav el bug inspired by the trains of old and again evok ing the feeling that distant places and regions can be reached except much faster now than even the most imaginary visionaries were able to foresee At the end of the 20th century train stations again become heralds of a new age Architects like Santiago Calatrava recognize their mission of turn ing train terminals into symbols of forward think ing mobility Modernity and mobility once again are PLEASE UNFOLD 68 73

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