THE AUTHOR Be it in Alaska or in the Hima layas As a travel journalist and longstanding editor of the on board magazine of Deut sche Bahn Kay Dohnke has traveled on the quirkiest trains Ever since he started specializing in sustainability topics the author from Hamburg has become in creasingly aware of the huge future of the iron behemoths Future The vision of a Transpod Hyperloop terminal 100 airtightness faster than a current high speed train the Hyperloop train operating in a vacuum is supposed to achieve a speed of up to 962 km h 600 mph of the vacuum tubes is a must during boarding and un boarding at a Hyperloop terminal one of the many technical hurdles that have to be overcome in deploying this super train technology 3 times mutually dependent At Liège Guillemins opened in 2009 as a terminal for the Thalys and Intercity high speed trains the filigree modernistic archi tecture stands for new departures Trains have long begun to outperform cars and are serious compe tition for airliners Calatrava in 1994 had already expressed this futuristic vision in the architecture of the Lyon Saint Exupéry terminal and in 1998 in the Lisbon Expo terminal Estação do Oriente A lit tle later this trend was continued in the design of the Southern Cross Railway Station in Melbourne Australia and the symbiosis between train stations and shopping malls brought to the fifth continent Connecting links to a mobile future Today both upmarket and normal shopping complement the pleasure of traveling before we nestle into an upholstered seat in the compartment of a train that seems to be flying toward our desti nation at magic speed Thus train stations will continue to be places of transition and transforma tion connecting links of stone or steel between the past belief in progress and the future viability of modern engineering achievements here and now

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