A standard time for larger regions became a necessity in the 19th century due to the expansion of rail transportation primarily to avoid train collisions Up to that time all cities and towns around the world had their own local times according to the position of the Sun Clocks typically didn t have any minute hands A universally applicable world time was introduced in 1884 then called Greenwich Mean Time GMT Since 1972 all time zones have been referenced to the atomic clock based Coordinated Universal Time UTC that s still used today LEVEL 2 LEVEL 1 LEVEL 0 LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2 Riv er Sp ree to Hu mb old th afe n LEVEL 0 ENTRANCE AREA East West roof The eastern part of the roof is 107 meters 351 feet the western part 172 meters 564 feet long The gap in between is spanned by the north south roof The tracks up to 430 meters 1 411 feet long are covered over a length of about 321 meters 1 053 ft Offi ce buildings With Deutsche Bahn offi ces 46 m 151 ft tall 183 m 600 ft wide 22 m 72 ft long Concourse 27 meters 88 6 feet tall Inside the hall underneath the North South roof there are ticket counters shops restaurants and a Sky Lounge S Bahn direction of Friedrichstraße Source F A Z graphic Karl Heinz Döring

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