SPEED RECORDS IN THE COURSE OF TIME In 2002 the Talgo XXI high speed diesel train prototype pushed pulled by 1 150 kW locomotives dashes through Spain at a speed of 256 4 km h As the fastest diesel locomotive in regular service a Krauss Maffei Class 353 produced for the Spanish state owned RENFE railroad operator achieves 230 km h in 1978 The rail bound Zeppelin still one of a kind to date in 1931 travels the distance from Hamburg to Berlin in just 98 minutes propelled by a twelve cylinder aircraft engine Instead of a wheel drive system a propeller accelerates the train to 230 km h no train was faster for the next 24 years The first public train connection is established in 1825 between Stockton and Darlington in North East England The Locomotion achieves 24 km h Besides steam locomotives horses continue to be used for pulling trains The first locomotive was developed by Richard Trevithick In February 1804 the steam locomotive that s used to haul iron achieves a speed of 8 km h in Wales 2002 1931 1828 1804 A heavily modified TGV V150 achieves 574 8 km h in the French Département Marne in April 2017 the world record for wheeled rail bound vehicles The fastest production train in this category is the Chinese CRH 380A with 486 1 km h 302 mph 2007 574 8 km h 357 2 mph The Japanese Maglev LO Series traveling at 603 km h has held the absolute world speed record for trains since April 2015 In normal service the train travels at 320 km h 2015 603 km h 374 7 mph 256 4 km h 159 3 mph The British LNER Class A4 4468 Mallard in 1938 achieves a recorded speed of 201 2 km h the unbroken official record for production steam locomotives The larger and more powerful U S PRR Class 1 steam locomotive purportedly achieved 227 km h 141 mph credibly though unfortunately not documented 1938 201 2 km h125 mph 51 years after the German DRG SVT 137 Leipzig class in February 1936 was the first diesel electric locomotive to have broken the 200 km h 124 mph mark the multiple unit HST sets the diesel electric record that s still valid today 238 km h 1987 238 km h147 9 mph 230 km h 143 mph 24 km h 15 mph 8 km h 5 mph

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