There s one thing that s always in short supply in races held in the center of cities space Not enough for out braking and overtaking opponents or for accelerat ing and drifting out of turns because walls of concrete or metal confine the street circuits Brutally unmerci fully A shoulder to swerve on No chance Perhaps an occasional emergency exit but other than that just lack of track More thrill more fun Every driving mistake no matter how small will immediately be punished says Lucas di Grassi put ting the topic of city circuits in a nutshell from the cock pit perspective The Brazilian from Team Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler is the reigning Formula E Champion and a Schaeffler brand ambassador Actually as a racer you use free practice to test your way forward from 95 per cent to 105 percent in order to find the limit for qualifying and the race but on a city circuit you have to stop at 99 percent max the Formula E title defender adds Those who risk more will crash with suspensions front and rear wings bending or breaking For the drivers this means one thing in particular even more pressure What is your interim assessment of Formula E season four This season has been phenomenal what racing we ve had so far I love seeing new championship contend ers come to the front and we ve had that with Jean Eric Vergne and Sam Bird while racing in new cities like Santiago Rome and Zurich no one could ve predicted that before we started in season one To have the addition of ABB come on board as title sponsor was another big mile stone for Formula E along with HUGO BOSS and Modis How viable has Formula E s concept of creating greater intimacy and contact between the audience and drivers teams proven Formula E aims to be the most accessi ble series in motorsport giving fans an unforgettable experience and bring ing racing to their doorsteps From the very beginning teams have been keen to break down the barriers that suggested motorsport is only for the elite so their strategies are focused on reaching a younger generation to tell the story of Formula E and our ongo ing mission the uptake of electric ve hicles in city centres If you re talking about the closeness of racing we ve 3 QUESTIONS FOR FORMULA E S DEPUTY CEO ALBERTO LONGO Alberto Longo 43 from Spain is a co founder of Formula E and Deputy CEO To anyone seeking to experience the spirit of innovative mobility of tomorrow I d recommend visiting Formula E Prof Peter Gutzmer Chief Technology Officer at Schaeffler got that in abundance Formula E of fers intense and unpredictable racing How are you planning to make Formula E even more attractive in the future We have a lot coming up in the next few months from announcing our season five calendar which consolidates our position racing in the heart of some of the world s leading cities to the com petitive debut of the Gen2 car which will change the look of racing com pletely It s a radical change that will bring a different type of audience to Formula E and gives a distinctive look and identity to the championship The race format will also change next year to bring more excitement and put the onus on drivers to manage their strat egy from inside the cockpit 76 77

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