What essentially constitutes a good city circuit A good city circuit features inter esting sights historic and mod ern buildings perhaps a river the sea or a lake It s about what the organizers absolutely wish to show to the local spectators and on tele vision A good city circuit represents the special characteristics of the re spective city What s more the atmo sphere and mood during a city race is totally different than on a permanent race track It s simply unique because the circuit is set up specifically for this special event Plus the city circuit vis its the spectators and not vice versa How will city circuits in the future differ from today s Obviously safety plays a major role as well especially in the city City circuits only have limited space for run off areas That s always a tricky matter However due to today s com plex technical solutions the chal lenges can be mastered Future city circuits will always differ from the ex isting city circuits both in terms of track layout and atmosphere In the middle of what city would you most like to build a new race track There are so many beautiful metrop olises in the world that would lend themselves to tremendous city cir cuits Big cities always have a lot to offer and a breath taking setting and atmosphere Just like Zurich and its lake where we were most re cently involved in building the new est Formula E track 3 QUESTIONS FOR RACE TRACK ARCHITECT HERMANN TILKE Hermann Tilke from Germany planned nearly 40 race tracks around the globe Norisring The DTM track in Nuremberg is the highlight of the season also for Mike Rockenfeller pictured 81 80

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