architectural rm CRA we designed a tall building in Singapore that just broke ground It proposes an unprec edented integration between nature and o ce spaces The tower peels open at di erent heights to unveil green oases where people can work outdoors a tropical nature in the middle of a bustling metropolis Especially in western coun tries there s an emerging trend of well educated middle class citi zens moving back to the countryside or at least to the commuter belt Are you seeing a risk of impoverishment in big cities Or at least a widening of the gap between the rich and the poor Yes I am very concerned about in creasing inequality in our cities I think that it is a problem that goes beyond planning and deals with the very fabric of our society We are studying urban segregation in di er ent cities using cellphone data that allows us to better understand the interaction or better the lack there of between populations with di er ent incomes What is the greatest challenge faced by modern urban planning Bringing together all the stakehold ers and being able to bridge across many disciplines from design to in formatics In general I believe that today we nd ourselves as plan ners at a utopia or oblivion mo ment as the notable U S architect and futurist Richard Buckminster Fuller might have put it In other words if we keep comfortable and complacent and are unable to tack le the challenges of our times we will end up with oblivion Let s not hope that this will happen What real world metropo lis comes closest to your ideal of a livable city I do not think that the ideal city ex ists I would imagine it more like a collage of many cities Perhaps The 280 meter tall Singapore Tower scheduled for completion in 2021 brings nature into the city O ce and green areas are integrated Sensors and other devices connect the building co designed by Carlo Ratti with the Internet of Things 86 87

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