Let s turn to transportation your top 3 means of urban transpor tation Bike walking and car sharing in this order And the automobile At least with internal combustion en gines it will more or less have disap peared from downtown areas in the next 30 years just like quite a few parking spaces Instead we ll be able to use mobility on demand tailored pretty much to people s needs What about drones that are currently the subject of a lot of me dia hype Lightweight drones have already proven their potential across diverse elds from emergency response to security In terms of transportation drones transcend geographical bar riers and can bring isolated commu nities into contact with the rest of the world without the need for large scale physical infrastructure Howev er I would be more cautious about the role of drones in urban mobil ity Will the skies above our cities be lled with swarms of miniature helicopters carrying people smoothly and safely to their next destination Will we all behave like the Jetsons whizzing around Orbit City in a hov ercar that then miraculously folds up into a briefcase Unfortunately there are both physical and practical rea sons why it s unlikely our skies will be lled with such vehicles anytime soon Anyone who has stood near a helicopter taking o will understand how much noise and air turbulences this creates In New York the many tourist helicopter flights resulted in massive complaints that subse quently led to increased regulation And we re talking about less than 5 000 flights a month before that legislation came in Now imagine if all of the eight million residents took even one flight a month That would make the city unlivable And I don t even want to imagine what would happen if a malfunction caused such a flying taxi to fall from great height onto a densely populated cityscape Final question What in your view are the three key factors that make a city livable People people people THE INTERVIEWEE Carlo Ratti colloquially speaking is an all rounder The Italian born in 1971 was educated as an architect and engineer at universities in Turin and Paris He is a co founder of Carlo Ratti Associati an innovation and design rm he has been operating in Turin since 2004 In parallel he teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT where he s in charge of the SENSEable City Lab At the elite university he investigates how the growing deployment of new technologies will change life in the cities Ratti has been awarded several patents and is the co author of more than 300 publications Many of his projects promote sustain ability using new technologies The Copenhagen Wheel he helped to get o the ground is a case in point The innovation converts every bicycle into an e bike and promotes urban bike riding in an easy way Time Magazine recognized the Copenhagen Wheel as best invention in 2014 Blueprint magazine includes Ratti in the circle of 25 people that will change the world of design At the 2018 Schae ler Symposium Carlo Ratti delivered a keynote speech on urbanization and mobility right similar to the ideal home of French writer George Perec split across all the arrondissements of Paris So I would say that my ideal city has the climate of Naples the topography of Cape Town the fusion cooking of Sydney the architecture of Manhat tan the frenzy of Hong Kong and why not the exuberant nightlife of Rio de Janeiro My top 3 urban means of transportation Bike walking and car sharing Carlo Ratti outlook 87

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