WORLD MAP OF URBANIZATION 20501950 14 LANES THE AVENIDA 9 DE JULIO IN BUENOS AIRES HAS THIS MANY THE BOULEVARD IS ALSO FLANKED BY TWO THREE LANE ONE WAY STREETS IT TAKES A PEDESTRIAN ABOUT 2 MINUTES TO CROSS THE 140 METER 459 FT WIDE TRAFFIC AXIS THE ONLY STREET THAT S EVEN WIDER 250 METERS 820 FT IS EIXO MONUMENTAL IN BRASÍLIA ALBEIT ONLY WITH 12 LANES DIVIDED BY A PLANTED MEDIAN STRIP Sources United Nations Wikipedia Nordpil com ANIMAL LIFE IN THE CITY A deer in the heart of Paris on the Place de la Concorde maybe it fled from the wolves occasionally sighted on the outskirts In cooler regions polar bears are increasingly appearing in cities Berlin is not only the capital of Germany but also of wild boars with 5 000 of them romping in the city Watching them are up two 240 pairs of kestrels said to be at home in the once divided metropolis more and more wild animals are attracted to the city a global phenomenon One reason for it is climate change Milder winters boost populations while original habitats shrink due to human influences like construction projects and conversion of forests into farmland that s o en used to grow nothing but monocultures That s why wild animals are migrating to the cities where they nd enough food all year round for instance in gardens parks compost heaps and garbage cans Architecture is not life Architecture is its background Hermann Czech 1936 Austrian architect global 9

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