Elevated circular rail systems trans porting people in a continuous loop in small gondolas over short distances may be able to enhance and provide relief for classic local public transportation The Pan ama concept by Ashish Thulkar and Charles Bombardier proposes to connect skyscrapers using such mini suspension railways BE BACK IN A MINUTE In the EU alone one billion people per year and counting are already transported by autonomous trains A driverless train has been traveling through Lille France for 30 years In an EU wide survey conducted by Alli anz pro Schiene a non profi t trans portation alliance system operators said that automated service enables shorter intervals higher capacities good on time service and a high level of safety None of the operators reported any ac ceptance issues on the part of passengers SELF DRIVING TRAINS The provision and interlinking of diverse means of transportation is the key element of the entire future transportation development Prof Andreas Knie transportation expert and sociologist TU Berlin 91 outlook

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