public transportation London is trying to improve this by means of a mammoth construction project The 120 kilo meter 74 6 mile long Crossrail project connects remote neighborhoods of the city where rents are still aff ord able with each other and with the center by means of fast subway trains so that four million commuters will be able to benefi t from enhanced mobility Switching is a snap A stop in Hamburg U S Bahn Station Berliner Tor a hub of several train lines on two levels surrounded by congested arterial roads In the Northern German me tropolis many citizens fi nd it diffi cult to send their cars into retirement as well The ratio between passenger cars and residents is over 800 000 to 1 8 million Like other cities Hamburg is trying to get more citizens to switch by off ering connected transportation At the Ber liner Tor station a switching point switchh has been established that interlinks the U and S Bahn subway and suburban trains with car sharing and rental bike off ers Intermodal transportation is the magic word city similarly as in Stockholm Oslo Milan or Singapore In London the current congestion fee is 11 5 pounds sterling approx 13 euros which generates sizeable amounts of money for investment in the expansion of public transportation The reason is that aft er peo ple initially switched to buses and trains as the cheap er alternative traffi c density has increased again In 2017 London reported new record smog levels The ex ample of London shows how hard it is for many people to switch to public transportation and how much they value driving their own cars There are several reasons for this Convenience plays a major role Lack of direct connections waiting periods when making transfers gaps in the network crowded buses or trains dark and dirty stations none of these are good arguments for The great advantage of bus es over trains They can be used more flexibly on existing streets and roads But only eco friendly drive systems make buses a great choice for urban areas Plus in dense traffi c they re only real ly fast when traveling in dedicated bus lanes Thanks to modern data technology buses are supposed to become even more flexible and serve routes tailored to meet the passengers needs also autonomously COST EFFICIENT ALTERNATIVE 92 93

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