Everyone can fi nd exactly the type of transportation they need or prefer at a particular time All vehicles can be booked in advance using a single app This a concept that s used or planned to be used in other places as well The American metropolis Denver for instance is planning to develop an app for booking and paying for bicycles ride sharing public transportation and taxis Daimler s subsidiary Moovel is testing such an app in Hamburg and Stuttgart The project is billed as All your city s transit systems in your pocket The con sulting fi rm Deloitte has developed a scenario in which prices for such intermodal transportation off ers are dy namically adjusted depending on demand like air fares Service companies such as Uber Lyft ZipCar and Via complement the intermodal transportation off ering alongside the classic taxi Ride hailing ride pooling and shuttle on demand off erings that make it possible for people to join others in vehicles heading for the same destinations fi t the inter modal transportation concept as well Automaker Ford re cently acquired Chariot a startup off ering shuttle services using mini buses in San Francisco Austin and New York In Nanjing China workers in an entire industrial zone are also provided with low cost riding options In Hamburg VW s subsidiary Moia has started a pilot project off ering on demand mobility services in mini buses which trig gered protests from the local taxi industry An initial step more effi cient utilization of existing means of transportation Peer to peer ride sharing takes us to our next stop San Francisco The metropolis on the U S West Coast with its cable cars see also info box on page 90 estab lished local public transportation as early as in the 19th century and today makes it possible to effi ciently get around the downtown area thanks to a closely knit net work However like many U S cities as well as metrop olises such as London or Paris the San Francisco metro area has been sprawling In suburban areas the public transit system becomes increasingly patchy which is the reason why many people continue to drive their own cars into the city on clogged roads A simple way to reduce In the Bio Hybrid Schaeff ler combines an e bike s ease of handling with the weather protection and transportation potential of larger vehicles The Schaeff ler Bio Hy brid works as a stand alone solution as well as in sharing operations as an additional mobility solution for modular and connection local public transportation VERSATILE outlook 93

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