No matter how close meshed public transportation systems may become a gap between the commuter s doorstep and the bus stop or train station at the be ginning and end of the trip will remain the fi rst and the last mile Solutions for closing this gap are being pursued in many places The idea Schaeff ler proposes a light weight E Board that s easy and safe to control using a handlebar and brake and that thanks to a fold ing mechanism can easily be taken along on a train SOLUTION FOR THE LAST MILE These ideas conquer previously unused spaces which are too high for land vehicles and too low for airplanes and even helicopters Exciting prospects A stop somewhere 25 years from now Perhaps we ll be seeing a coexistence of novel systems Elon Musk s Hyperloop is sending people to their destina tions in super fast tunnel tubes at high speed His Bor ing Company is digging its way through the ground underneath cities to clear the way for electric high speed mini buses Taxi drones are providing fast aerial passenger transportation Thanks to electrifi cation and 105 5 m 346 ft below the surface Kiev s Arsenalna subway station is deeper than any other one in the world The world s longest subway tunnel 47 3 km 29 4 miles is the one of Line 5 in Seoul 96 97

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