THE AUTHOR The concept that today is called intermodal isn t a new one Ham burg author and sustainability expert Kay Dohnke has been us ing the means of transportation enabling him to reach his destinations in the best possible way trains and buses in the city and his 1976 Volvo wagon when heading to the country side with his three dogs The electric and self driving Schaeff ler Mover off ers maximum maneuverability thanks to wheel hub drive and a 90 degree steering angle and is able to use even the smallest spaces and streets In spite of its small exterior dimensions it can comfortably accommodate up to six persons The Schaeff ler Mover is suitable as a connecting link to other means of transportation and as a solution for the last mile ALWAYS READY TO GO digitalization the environmental impact of local trans portation can be minimized and schedules and capaci ty utilization optimized The remaining privately owned vehicles are effi ciently utilized thanks to smart planning and much cleaner due to scaled emissions based cost of ownership There are also ideas for piggy back solu tions where cars can jump onto trains U S designer Kaan Yaylali has proposed the Sebrid car concept in which car like privately owned pods autonomously get on and off trains traveling on dedicated tracks with out the trains having to stop Traffi c jams are decreasing and getting shorter because people are using connect ed means of transportation in smarter ways Sound like pie in the sky Yes but eff orts to make it reality are al ready underway also at Schaeff ler outlook 97

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