The growth of the cities wants to be fed With intelligent interlinked logistics utilizing new technologies by Marcus Efler PENDING TRANSACTIONS Distribution of goods in a big city a nuisance for all road users residents and the environment A con fusing uncoordinated dangerous hustle and bustle Even so the infrastructure for the distribution of goods doesn t enjoy a really high priority on the public awareness radar Dull slogans like Goods belong on trains show that the issues relating to the transporta tion of goods tend to be primarily associated with long distance hauls although in reality they re highly present in urban areas the places where people live Worldwide there are more than 800 cities with at least one million inhabitants and more than half of the world s population lives in cities While this meant 749 million people in 1950 it means 3 9 billion today and counting For 2050 experts are expecting another 2 5 billion urbanites Delivery traffi c is increasing accordingly In the northern German port city of Hamburg for instance truck traffi c can be expected to increase by 40 percent in the next seven years Today trucks already account for 25 to 30 percent of urban traffi c many of them not even hauling half of their rated cargo capacity This leads to congestion the speed at which vehicles trav el on the streets and roads of the world s urban areas has decreased by 50 percent in the space of ten years Airborne and subterranean transportation of goods Im Consequently the transportation of goods has plenty of potential to relieve the burden on conur bations to make life safer and cleaner in them In fact outlook 99

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