Meals on 4 wheels and with 5G Fast food fans watch out your dreams have come true at least in Shanghai In the Chinese metropolis Kentucky Fried Chicken uses self driving food trucks a perfect move in times of social distancing The vehicles developed by Neolix reach a speed of 50 km h 31 mi with a range of up to 100 kilometers 62 mi use 5G technology and their batteries can be changed within 30 seconds Orders are placed on a roof mounted screen and paid for by smartphone and the chicken parts are deposited fresh behind a door Even though Pizza Hut is the next fast food giant to have expressed an interest in it there are clearly healthier uses for the trucks than meals on wheels During the pandemic for instance the autonomous vehicles are used for contactless deliveries of medications to hospitals and have even helped with cleaning the streets Award winning innovation The internet as a supplier of ideas Since it was established in 1983 the Schaeffl er FAG Foundation has distributed more than one million euros in grants Eight young scientists won the 2019 Innovation Award of the Schaeffl er FAG Foundation for their pioneering work that sets new standards covering an impressive breadth and depth of topics Dr Ing Marian Skalecki won fi rst place in the Doctorate category with a simulation model to pre calculate carbonitriding First place in the Bachelor s and Master s Theses category went to M Sc Yong Wang for his thesis on Validation of stick slip models for roller bearing dynamics simulation Well their work goes to show that the devil s in the detail of innovation too Coming up with ideas for innovations can be diffi cult or simply brilliant when you don t look for them yourself but have someone else do so That s what Vivere from Hamburg does The international team around Sebastian Johnston analyzes search queries on Google or Amazon by means of intelligent algorithms and creates ad hoc and in house products from them Everything happens at Vivere from laboratory research to prototyping to mass production from packaging design to marketing and sales 55 proprietary brands and 700 products have been created in this way for instance an anti snoring spray and a nail polish that prevents fi ngernail biting 11 Global

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