Solar power Every day the sun supplies enough energy to cover the worldwide requirement of a whole year To achieve maximum capacity solar power plants have to operate at particularly high levels of efficiency precision and failure safety As a development partner and supplier Schaeffler is currently engaged in a range of projects such as parabolic trough solar tower Fresnel and Dish Stirling power plants Schaeffler offers a diverse portfolio of rolling and plain bearings for the tracking systems of solar power stations Wind power Worldwide near ground level wind power has the potential of delivering output of more than 400 terawatts about 20 times the worldwide energy requirement As one of the world s leading roller bearing manufacturers and development partner of this sector Schaeffler with the requisite extensive expertise has been producing large scale bearings and other components for wind power systems for more than 30 years State of the art calculation and simulation programs optimize their design Schaeffler bearings are utilized in assemblies ranging from the rotor shaft to the transmission and generator to the wind tracking and blade adjustment systems Schaeffler s digital condition monitoring ensures high system availability and reduces maintenance requirements Hydropower Hydroelectric power stations around the world produce clearly more electricity than nuclear power plants and satisfy more than 16 percent of the global electrical energy requirement Beyond the conventional utilization of hydropower new technologies using the movement of waves and currents in the oceans to produce electricity are increasingly making headway Be it for conventional or new approaches to harnessing hydropower Schaeffler offers suitable bearing solutions and engineering resources Innovative technology from Schaeffler for sustainable power Mobility is intended to become more climate and environmentally friendly for instance by means of electrically propelled vehicles However this only makes real sense if the electric power for them is produced in clean ways Solar hydropower and wind power systems are suitable for this purpose Schaeffler supplies crucial components and system solutions for all of them 15 Global

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