Mobility is a topic that literally moves the world The residents of Duckburg spearheaded by Gyro Gearloose are no exception The master tinkerer promoting himself with slogans like Inventions anywhere anytime with the distinctive pince nez glasses sitting on his beak was an incredibly prolif ic creator of contraptions to get himself and his fel low citizens from A to B Gyro is particularly fond of flying You float and are now finally free Gear loose muses about an age old dream of humani ty be it with motorized fairy tale classics like witch es brooms or flying carpets with hoverboard like flying scooters see Hollywood classic Back to the future or with flying cars Obviously there s also a flying saucer in Gyro s garage Off you go But like so many geniuses the clever chicken is at odds with his work Good bye you cushioned char iot he rails at his flying saucer in the story Man versus machine My trusty legs will be my steeds from now on Gyro embarks on an adventurous march and has to be rescued by two robots Tech nology is both a blessing and a curse Gyro s cre ator Carl Barks has his cartoon character struggle with this ambivalence time and time again symbol izing humanity s plight Ultimately faith in techno logical progress wins out because it can produce positives provided its aims are not just focused on moving faster and flying higher but also on effi ciency for example Efficiency is always specified for Gyro s inventions In fact it would be fair to call the ingenious cartoon character an environmental pioneer an inventor as it were with a commitment to saving the world Fond of nature and animals he develops a noiseless rocket 1952 the year in which Gyro is born intersects with the beginning of the jet age uses biofuel his bike saucer zooms 1 000 miles over the clouds on a pint of peanut oil and has his car powered by a perpetual motion machine while a solar cell supplies the onboard Mobility electronics with sustainable energy This makes fill ing station attendant Donald Duck see red Clad in his sailor suit Donald blows his top Aw ye cats If your doggone new fangled car is such a self curing everlasting automatic wonder why do you come in here anyway Wishful thinking This is exactly the kind of car we d love to have today In 1964 anoth er one of author Carl Barks intriguing stories illus trates what his untiring innovator does with a jet pack Gyro doesn t just dash through the airways without rhyme or reason oh no He applies his new found skills to paint a bridge in practically no time It makes you wonder if Barks had any inkling that his idea was a forerunner of drones as airborne helping hands Only half of my inventions turn evil The rest are just wildly misunderstood Gyro Gearloose 17 Global

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