Thanks to Gyro Gearloose artificial ser vants regularly see the light of day in the Duckburg comics universe Machines robots and universally skilled comput ers meant to make everyday life easi er fascinate the mental acrobat who has a seemingly boundless wealth of creativity I believe that I ve invented something really sharp here a robot that can act by picking up my thoughts The creator names its innovative yellow tin box Roscoe apparently the choice of female names expressing gen der equality was not yet in vogue more than 60 years ago Talking about Alexa Siri and company Gyro s creator Barks draws the early form of today s commonly used voice controlled assistants as far back as in 1958 just two years after one of his compatriots coined the term Artificial Intelligence and long before AI moved into millions of households The thinking robot though still has some flaws Two sen sible questions I ask and get two senseless answers but lo and behold is also reminiscent of Siri I don t understand your question Even so the ingenious engineer keeps experimenting with the fusion of machine and biological intelligence On humans and animals The merging of two worlds Howev er with one of the Beagle Boys the law abiding inventor throttles back his intelligence machine to half speed If he thinks I will help him succeed at such dastardly mischief he is dumb Using a think box and intelligence beams Gyro Doolittle Gearloose enables animals to talk and a wolf instantly express es a voracious appetite for roast duck Yummy Understandably this causes a red alert in Duckburg The metaphysical character of many of his machines is another intriguing aspect first and foremost Gyro s legendary machine fueled by imagination Under the hood one experiences everything one imagines in one s imagination to a certain extent really enthuses the iconic inventor providing his early albeit advanced response to Virtual Reality Smart machines Gyro Gearloose s name in various countries Danish Georg Gearløs Dutch Willie Wortel Estonian Leidur Leo Finnish Pelle Peloton French Géo Trouvetou Géo Trouvetout German Daniel Düsentrieb Norwegian Petter Smart Polish Diodak Portuguese Professor Pardal Slovenian Profesor Umnik Spanish Ungenio Tarconi different flavors can be produced by Gyro s hay to milk machine vanilla chocolate caramel and cow flavor Subsequently his synthetic food production culminates in a survival kit that generates the ingredients for all kinds of dishes exclusively from sand and air a highly relevant topic today as research scientists have been working on artificial meat and vegetables from the laboratory 4 18

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