In 1964 Gyro Gearloose is horrified to see that his vision of a fully automated city has mutated into a nightmare The Duckburg universe suffers a deep ly depressive episode because there s hardly any thing left to do for its residents Partly automated hovercraft with self activating blowhard devices safely haul Donald company to their 10 minute shifts in robot dominated factories Slides replace the need to walk And recording devices in our pil lows play scads of knowledge into our empty minds while we sleep How boring for Huey Dewey and Louie Even toys play automatically Gyro s in the doldrums too because a humanoid machine has taken over his inventor s work The ingenious chick en with the chin strapped yellow hat finally loses his cool Grab a tool und start wrecking this this Monsterville Whank Bong The halls of the steel mills reverberate with joy The automatic gizmos are kaput men Who s for using their hands Me I Me too Me also This is another short story tak ing cues from the prevailing mood in those days because just two years earlier the world s first robot had started to work at automaker GM s plant in Detroit evoking amazement and worries because even back then the diligent machines inspired peo ple s imagination about all the things that could be done with them while also stoking fears of mass layoffs Today we know that both machines and digitization have created more jobs than they destroyed and are relieving us of many tedious and unrewarding tasks No mechanical monster is going to take over the greatest fun I have work Duckburg isn t ready yet for total automation All my friends are leaving me Nothing remains for me as my little helper Gyro once wistful ly complained Little Helper a small human oid robot constructed from pieces of metal and seals and a light bulb for a head accompanies Gyro on nearly all of his adventures and gets the inventor off the hook more than once In stark con trast to most of Gyro s inventions his cute side kick proves to be near perfect That s why it s deemed to be almost impossible that Gyro creat ed Little Helper himself But then who did This will remain a mystery which cartoonist Carl Barks never revealed in his lifetime Little Helper just suddenly appeared in his imagery like an elec Gyro s loyal companion tromechanical foundling and went on to become a regular feature A small humanoid robot as an omnipresent friend and assistant in any of life s situations Honestly who wouldn t like to have something like that 19 Global

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