Carl Barks purportedly once said that deep down inside he was an inventor because he kept com ing up with the craziest things His ingenuity argu ably made him one of the most popular authors and illustrators in the Disney universe Barks is the father of Scrooge McDuck and the Beagle Boys among others In 1952 the American author created Gyro Gearloose as a quiet likable and extremely unpretentious character Barks need ed an inventor for a brief gag and later said that he d have adjusted the size of Gyro s body to Don ald s or Uncle Scrooge s from the get go had he known that he d be filling a whole book with sto ries about him Like Gyro Barks worked large ly in seclusion at his home in San Jacinto Califor nia He d leave his home no more than twice a month to present his stories to his publisher Ini tially carrying only Walt Disney s name fans were kept in the dark about the author s identity for a long time and so honored him by calling him The Good Artist Barks died in 1999 at age 99 Gyro s intellectual father When all attempts to protect the climate fail geo engineering also referred to as cli mate engineering see page 6 is deemed to be a possible plan B While many con cepts today are still in their infancy the clev er chicken Gyro Gearloose developed a num ber of ingenious prototypes and solutions such as a futuristic city with built in weath er controls for a perfect climate His rain maker light sprinkler 2 49 big gully wash ers 4 98 that saw him waddling in Benjamin Franklin s footsteps has become an iconic cre ation While Franklin the scientist uses a kite made of thunderbolt attracting wooden sticks and silk cloth for his lightning rod Duckburg s universal genius reverses the principle Using a model of the same design he sends a thun derbolt equating to about 280 kWh of elec trical energy back into the clouds opening heaven s floodgates Gush Looks like you ll have a use for those lightning bolts after all Gyro Once again the comics super brain seems to be a step ahead of his human fellow scientists who only started trying to harness the energy in thunderbolts for technical pur poses in the late 1980s With modest success whereas Gyro as a rainmaker might be able to rake in one dollar after another not a bad idea for business in times of increasingly longer periods of hot and dry weather Climate engineering 20

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