Refi nement of materials optimization of surfaces Technology in this fi eld is progressing at top speed Schaeffl er is continuously expanding its exper tise in coating technology too In the context of research the developers from Herzogenaurach and their comics colleague are kindred spirits albeit with diff erences in areas of emphasis Admittedly the clever chicken tends to come up with rath er wacky innovations Or have you ever heard of fur on cold door knobs Duckburg s rumor mill has it that people suff ering from rheumatoid arthritis are forever thankful to him for this brainwave Just like Scrooge McDuck for whom the super brain has built an indestructible money bin from a newly cre ated element called fortismium derived from Latin for strong A substance harder than diamonds on the Mohs hardness scale It s just super annoying when you ve forgotten the code for the armored lock with 17 fold protection Gyro s novel foam turns into a super hard substance too This stuff comes out of the can like whipped cream but it hardens into concrete in two minutes That sounds like a pipe dream of real world civil engineers Talking about construction Gyro opts for the fast track as well A house without brick and mortar without wood and metal built from a modern plas tic material The whole house can be infl ated like a balloon This is basically an early example of the classic bounce house for kids parties not invented until 20 years later in 1977 by an Austrian It s not known whether or not she was a Gyro Gearloose fan Material optimization encompasses the collected works of Disney s iconic comics author Carl Barks which he wrote and illustrated from 1942 until retiring in 1966 The Gyro Gearloose Special consists of 6 volumes including a lexicon of all his inventions From A like in Alternate Life Machine to Z like in Zoom Stick The Barks Library Now try to keep up with my mind numbing genius Gyro Gearloose 21 Global

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