Von Xxxx Xxxxxx The Norwegian Magnus Carlsen became the youngest grandmaster in the history of chess at the age of 13 years and 4 months Now 30 years old he s held the top spot in the world ranking since 2011 even though in October after 125 consecutive wins he lost two games for the first time completely different chess was an analog game Grandmasters like Anatoly Karpov used to dom inate this discipline strictly because of their ex perienced courses of action fast thinking and strategic skills on the chessboard Until Garri Kasparov came Or the computers Or b th Because when Kasparov snatched the world champion s title from his rival Karpov in 1985 he also achieved this with the help of the new tech nologies Kasparov is deemed to be one of the first world class players to have carefully calcu lated his games by means of computer programs and to have had his computers play and gauge di verse variants Assisted by the new technologies Kasparov acquired leading edge knowledge that rivals like Karpov weren t able to compensate for in spite of all their imagination and playing strength Kasparov s title win rang in a new era in chess that was subsequently shaped by databases and computer programs ChessBase is the worldwide leader in this sector The Hamburg based compa ny built a huge database on which by now more than eight million previously played chess games can be accessed In addition the providers from Hamburg are selling computer programs enabling players to analyze chess games and play countless variants in a matter of seconds The most promi nent client is the reigning world champion Mag nus Carlsen The 30 year old Norwegian ascended to the world champion s throne in 2013 natural ly also with the help of modern technologies Like his rivals Carlsen is supported by a team that as sists him in his work with databases and comput ers On his own the Mozart of chess would never be able to calculate his way through the chaos of variants positions openings and strategies of learning This is how long it took the artificial intelligence AlphaZero to defeat Stockfish the leading database supported chess program to date In 2017 AlphaZero won 28 of 100 games 72 ended in a draw and none was won by Stockfish A year later AlphaZero s tally after the 1 000 game duel involving changes in time for consideration and more data sources for Stockfish reflected 155 wins 839 draws and 6 defeats AlphaZero is regarded as a true game changer in the world of chess and stuns audiences with unconventional strategies Even World Champion Magnus Carlsen adapts the AI to his game without any reservations In essence I ve become a very different player in terms of style than I was a bit earlier and it s been a great ride he says However AlphaZero s abilities aren t limited to chess AlphaZero decided the duel against AlphaGo the computer that in 2016 defeated the world s best Go player for the first time 60 40 in its favor after just eight hours of learning 4 hours Global 23

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