AI kickers The first thing a professional player from TSG Hof fenheim does when he wakes up in the morning is listen to his inner voice Did I sleep well Am I on top of the world or rather tense Am I in good health Then the player of the Bundesliga club will start the club s app on his smartphone and send the responses to his employer at the training center In the last ten years a lot has happened in pro fessional soccer in the wake of digitalization The development of technical opportunities has fun damentally intervened with the processes of this game and massively changed it says Rafael Hoff ner who has been leading the IT Infrastructure department at TSG Hoffenheim since 2009 While coaches used to be soloists a whole team is now sitting on the bench of every Bundes liga club All of them are connected to each other via an internet port and a network Tracking systems provide running and dueling information about the players and match analysts distributed across the stadium additionally deliver their impressions and data The strategy is stay as variable as possible Soccer A small tracking system worn directly on the body is all that s needed to capture a soccer player s movements Obviously it shouldn t restrict the players ability to move That s why companies like GPS Sports and VX Sport install the technology in a sports bra It sits on the torso without impeding the athletes during their training sessions Via a GPS signal the gadget creates a movement profile records speeds and analyzes efficiency on the pitch In a 90 minute training session a million data points are generated Via radio communications the data are sent to computers on the edge of the pitch or can be read within a few seconds by means of a docking station 1 million data points In the SAP Interactive Data Space on the training grounds all sporting and business relevant data of Bundesliga soccer club TSG Hoffenheim are merged Coaches and players use the space for interactive team meetings and data based strategy planning 24

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