The digital image of real world playing scenes shown here in a demonstration at the SportsInnovation event of the Deutsche Fußball Liga assists teams in match analysis and enhances the stadium experience of the fans keep surprising your opponent Match plans are subject to constant change today A team wants to remain as unpredictable as possible for its rivals says Hoffner But there s more to all this than just the 90 minutes on matchday TSG as a pioneer in its field has ad ditionally installed a huge video projection screen and some 80 sensors on the soccer training pitch that transform the complex into a 3D map The players in turn are wearing sensors in a chest strap and on their back during practice units Hoffner This provides us with information about the phys ical condition of the players and their cognitive performances We receive answers to detailed soc cer specific questions For instance Did a sprint make sense in a particular playing situation Did the player move skillfully in a spatial context By now most top flight soccer clubs have largely followed suit in terms of technology although the Hoffenheim team still benefits from its early stra tegic interest in innovations We ve been gather ing data about our players for more than ten years so we re familiar with their strengths and know in detail what we need to work on says Hoffner As a result a player may have to spend more hours working with the sports psychologists while anoth er one will intensify his work with the footbonaut a ball machine for enhancing a player s passing and shooting techniques In addition to the footbonaut Helix a virtual room can be used by the players to hone their cognitive skills Video footage displayed across the 180 de gree projection area of the screens puts the players into a variety of playing situations requiring them to respond accordingly The training is centered on concentration perception and peripheral vision At Hoffenheim they know a lot about their play ers Will the wealth of data soon culminate in a predictable strategy No says Hoffner hu mans will always remain unpredictable to some extent And that s good Global 25

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