competition while preparing for the next race In interaction with data about currents and wind con ditions that sailors once used to have to tedious ly record by hand athletes today benefit from an overall analysis within seconds after crossing the finish line that makes completely new tactical and strategic considerations possible between the in dividual races Another advantage By means of software pro grams the positions of the sailors can be digitally transmitted The positions of the boats in front of buoys at the turning points and before the finish line are depicted with accuracy down to an inch This is good for the spectators overview for orga nizers and reporters The data gathered are worth a mint with respect to the design of the boats as well Design without data well I m not sure what it is says Mauricio Munoz an engineer with America s Cup experi ence under his belt and adds that this is as much a design race as a sailing race Jochen Schümann won t go as far as that The data analysts he says have an enormously im portant job today Based on their information sailors can build their strategies against the com petition However in his view the athlete s intu ition is still indispensable even today At the end of the day it s like in any highly advanced perfor mance sport the existing data volume provides a basis But on the water at the crucial moment in genious athletes have to make the decisions And no computer can do that for them This is the speed at which the new AC75 monohulls of the America s Cup shown in the photo above is the British Ineos team glide across water The battle for the world s oldest sports trophy is regarded as the multi million dollar top category in sailing The key to success is to optimally merge the variables from the areas of hardware sails foils nature wind waves current and opponents in a suitable strategy Nearly 100 km h 62 mph Global 27

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