Formula E since 2014 and are now used in produc tion vehicles as well This collaboration is proof of a pioneering spirit and innovative prowess and as a technology partner underscores our aspiration of shaping progress that moves the world The HYRAZE League the world s first automotive racing series to use as its energy source hydro gen produced by means of environmentally friend ly technology is planned to start in 2023 as well Schaeffler is involved in this project too The rac es will be held with 800 hp hydrogen cars The energy for the zero emissions powertrain is sup plied by green hydrogen converted in the two fuel cells of the race cars into electricity for the four electric motors In addition energy recuper ated during braking events is stored in compact high performance battery cells Other areas of the HYRAZE car have plenty of sus tainable innovation on board as well The body parts for instance are produced from a natural fi ber composite material Another unique feature in international motor racing will be the braking sys tem of the all wheel drive vehicles None of the brake dust generated will be released to the envi ronment in an uncontrolled manner but trapped in the vehicle and subsequently disposed of with no environmental impact Moreover special tires de veloped from renewable raw materials will mini mize tire wear particles Combined with a strictly limited number of tires this will considerably re duce fine dust pollution Another example of innovation is the combination of e sports and real world motorsport in the HYRA ZE League The teams will have two drivers for each car one for the real world classification races and one who will compete in the e sports events that are also part of the championship The results of both races will be counted equally in the champi onship classification so that in the end one team will be the overall winner in both disciplines an absolute first in motorsport The author Not a techie himself sport journalist and book author Olaf Jansen Die Zeit Deutschlandfunk 11 Freunde had everything explained to him in detail by the subject matter experts At home the author s younger son proofread the copy because to his father s surprise he s got a knack for physics and math The partnership with the DTM is a perfect fit for Schaeffler As a pioneer we want to lead the way challenge the status quo and thus make the difference Matthias Zink CEO Automotive Technologies at Schaeffler Schaeffler inside this is what the high tech hydrogen race car of the HYRAZE League looks like Global 29

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