Dear reader The focus topic of this issue of tomorrow ad dresses the main component of the Schaeffler Group s DNA innovation Schaeffler has been at the forefront of the German Patent Office s applica tions ranking for years In 2019 with 2 385 patent applications filed we claimed the runner up s spot once again a result we re very proud of We re set to cement our innovation leadership and more we re set to extend it In the Schaeffler Group s re cently launched Roadmap 2025 Innovation is one of three strategic priorities alongside Agility and Efficiency While reading this issue of tomorrow which I cordially invite you to do at this point it will be come clear that innovation is more than just a good idea Innovation is a process in which an idea merely marks the first step The next one is to continue developing the idea into something that s tangible and can be experienced This de velopment process may take years and setbacks are not uncommon In fact they re part of the pro cess and provided that the right conclusions are drawn from them may well be of value However the act of creating something new only turns into a breakthrough when users adopt the outcome as a meaningful improvement Starting on page 32 you ll find some examples of failed ideas They also show that in many cases it wasn t the idea itself that was flawed but that other factors pre vented its breakthrough As mentioned earlier in novation is a process involving many steps and challenges Innovation is of vital importance to a technolo gy group with global operations like Schaeffler That s why we conduct research and develop ment at more than 20 locations worldwide In our SHARE projects we work together with renowned universities in various areas and on several conti nents A promising focus field of our R D activities is hydrogen which plays an important part on our path toward a carbon neutral society More on this starting on page 56 Innovation leads to technological and social prog ress and we are the source from which it springs Therefore the objective of modern education must be to energize this source Just imparting know ledge is no longer enough because knowledge can now be accessed online anywhere anytime Today and tomorrow educators are challenged to inspire curiosity and a zest for learning in their stu dents to open their minds to new views and to en courage self determined action This is another topic covered in this issue of tomorrow Obviously innovation provides new impetus to sports as well from chess to soccer to sailing At Schaeffler we use our motorsport commitment as a high speed innovation lab now by the way complemented by the digital version on simula tors More on this topic starting on page 22 Following a pandemic year that has been challeng ing to all of us I wish you innovative energy aplen ty for 2021 Stay healthy and stay optimistic Klaus Rosenfeld Chief Executive Officer 3 Editor ial

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