Innovations in the course of time In motion Be it as protection against attacks wars cold or heat Humans have been building habitations un derground for more than 2 500 years As early as in the 8th century before Christ innovative peo ple in today s Turkey expanded caves into un derground cities with up to 19 stories Today urbanization is another reason While at the begin ning of the 1950s New York City was the only city in the world with a population of more than 10 mil lion today there are 41 of them In 2050 more than two thirds of the world population that will have grown to nearly ten billion by that time will be liv ing in cities according to United Nations forecasts But where can they be housed Megacities like To kyo Manila and Paris are already bursting at the seams The strategy moving downward Helsin ki is a case in point in the bedrock of the Finnish capital the city below the city is home to shopping malls museums a sauna a church and a karting track A sports arena and cycle routes will follow Moving downward Helsinki Underground already covers an area of 13 square kilometers 5 square miles as much as 2 000 soccer pitches Other cities are increas ingly building downward too Atlanta in the Unit ed States Montreal and Toronto in Canada Osaka in Japan and Hong Kong A scenario in Mexico City features an earthscraper built into the ground pic tured This inverted pyramid with ample glazing is supposed to enable sunlight to reach a depth of as much as 300 meters 984 feet Planners in Russia have been dreaming of the Eco City 2020 for years A 500 meter 0 3 mile deep abandoned diamond mine near the Siberian city of Mirny is planned to become home to 100 000 people While Mexico City doesn t want to clutter its cityscape with sky scrapers the Russian version is a fortress against hot summers 40 C 104 F and freezing win ters 70 C 94 F At 500 meters 0 3 miles be low the ground temperatures constantly remain at 20 C 68 F all year with comfort guaranteed 30

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