Video 2000 and Betamax Segway In the 1970s videocassette recorders provide TV viewers with independence from TV schedules For the first time ever they re able to record their favorite programs and watch them as often as they like Three systems are primarily vying for the customers business Betamax Sony Video 2000 Philips Grundig and VHS JVC Sharp Panasonic etc Amazingly VHS the system with the poorest picture quality wins out in the end but for good reason While Betamax offers top picture quality it comes at the expense of recording time 60 minutes per cassette isn t fit for consumer use Video 2000 including turning of the cassette can even tape 16 hours and picture quality is good too But the technology is expensive and never truly matures What s more Philips like Sony refuses to grant a user license to the profitable porn market Hence VHS gets the spoils of victory in the video rental store business and in spite of inferior technology wins the battle of the systems It s meant to mark no less than a revolution in the mobility market the one person stand up scooter Segway launched by its inventor Dean Kamen in 2001 The rider of the electric vehicle 38 kilometers 24 miles range 20 km h 12 mph top speed stands on a platform between the wheels each driven by one motor holds on to a handle bar and thanks to gyroscopic sensors should actually not be able to fall down only former U S President George W Bush is said to have managed that Tilt sensors always cause the Segway to travel in the direction desired by its rider Accelerating and braking are done exclusively by forward or rearward shifting of the rider s weight The whole thing is as easy as child s play and even fun It s just that the fun is too expensive available in Europe to the tune of some 8 000 euros plus 1 400 for a spare battery while its uses are a lot more limited than those of a much cheaper e bike Of the forecast 100 000 units per year only 140 000 are built by the time production ceases in the summer of 2020 A battle of systems Spinning off the streets Philips and Sony present the compact disc The former video market competitors have learned from their setback there and team up in the segment of sound storage media The CD becomes a resounding success displacing both cassettes and LPs and even conquering computers Today though the CD itself has become a niche product 2019 even saw more money being made with LPs than with CDs Nearly 90 percent of today s music and video market is served by streaming services VHS and CDs prove that innovation is ephemeral kilometers 62 000 miles and more were reeled off by some Segways Due to their durability customers owning a Segway never needed to replace it Good for them but bad for business is celebrated in the summer of 2020 by the world s first and now oldest video rental store The Film Shop in the German city of Kassel seems to have fallen out of time A club has even been founded to keep this relic alive Segway s CEO Jimi Heselden has a fatal accident with a Segway a tragic event and publicity downer In 1979100 000 A 45th anniversary In 2009 34

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