Cargolifter The history of aviation is full of adventures and unfortunately of crashes too Among the biggest ones is that of the Cargolifter The plan is for a huge airship to haul bulky cargo of up to 160 metric tons 176 short tons from continent to continent In September 1996 Cargolifter AG is established for this purpose The behemoth named CL 160 measuring 260 meters 853 ft in length and 82 meters 269 ft in height is planned to be built at a new aircraft production facility on a former Soviet military airfield out in the middle of nowhere in Brandenburg as an East German lighthouse project in the first decade after German reunification With all the prevailing euphoria no one wants to listen to experts voicing early doubts about the feasibility of such a means of transportation In May 2000 Cargolifter goes public hoping for Airbus to acquire interest in the company But the aircraft maker declines with thanks two years later Cargolifter is insolvent What has remained An indoor water park in the former factory hall with a length of 360 meters 1 118 ft a width of 210 meters 689 ft and a height of 107 meters 351 ft Air ship castle die in 1937 when following a successful Atlantic crossing the 245 meter 804 ft long airship Hindenburg bursts into flames at Lakehurst USA The disaster is broadcast live on radio It marks the death blow for scheduled airship service the end of which is close anyhow due to the emergence of commercial passenger aircraft production of the next major airship project the British Airlander is planned to start In 2016 a full scale prototype performed initial test flights Time will tell whether or not this great British innovation will actually turn out to be a success 36 people In 2024 35 In motion

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