A brilliant idea paves the way toward a global group In 1950 Georg Schaeffl er revolutionizes the world of technology by improving the needle bearing For decades the supplier bearing his name has continually been developing new technologies that make automobiles more reliable and effi cient Join us in playing the Schaeffl er innovation card game Innovation is trumps 1975 Schaeffl er is one of the fi rst manufacturers in Europe to supply hydraulic valve lash adjustment elements in large volumes By 1975 their utilization ensures that the valve train in the V8 engine of the Mercedes 450 SEL operates with low levels of noise and wear and requires no maintenance This technology quickly becomes the standard Hydraulic valve lash adjustment1964 In the 1960s cars are becoming increasingly powerful which impairs the comfort of the conventionally used coil spring clutch due to its high pedal forces In 1964 Schaeffl er and VW enter into a delivery agreement for the more modern diaphragm spring clutch for the VW 1600 The production volume soon increases to 25 000 clutches per month Diaphragm spring clutch From the late 1940s on Georg Schaeffl er develops the cage guided needle roller bearing and revolutionizes the automotive sector In 1950 a patent application was fi led for these compact lightweight and reliable bearings Shortly afterwards they were used in the Auto Union DKW F89 followed by Mercedes Benz Adler and others Even the avant garde Citroën DS 1955 becomes fi t for freeway driving thanks to the torque resistant Schaeffl er innovation 1950 Cage guided needle roller bearing 38

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