The beginning of the 1980s sees the invention of the dual mass fl ywheel by Schaeffl er s LuK brand This novel damping element fi rst appears in BMW 525e in 1985 and causes an immediate sensation The innovation is the yellow brick road to the success of the turbodiesel engine which pushes the clutch disks torsion springs to their limits in the 1980s To date 120 million units have been produced 1985 Dual mass fl ywheel 1986 Hydraulic chain tensioner The 959 launched by Porsche in 1986 represents cutting edge technology with its four wheel drive and tire pressure monitoring system This super sports car with a top speed of 300 km h 186 mph also features hydraulic chain tensioners A Schaeffl er invention that also benefi ted drivers of the Porsche 911 1995 Overrunning alternator pulley As a systems supplier Schaeffl er develops and manufactures tensioner and idler pulleys hydraulic and mechanical belt tensioning systems and alternator decoupling devices The overrunning alternator pulley which reduces rotational irregularities in the belt drive etc appears in the Audi A4 in 1995 This results in a smoother ride improved NVH performance and longer service life of all components In 1999 Schaeffl er and Audi present an innovative continuously variable automatic transmission called Multitronic or CVT Continuously Variable Transmission Its advantage the transmission varies the ratio smoothly and without interruption of traction and thus optimizes the acceleration process The fi rst production level three liter model VW Lupo 3L owes its extremely low consumption also to the CVT 1999 Continuously variable transmission 39 In motion

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