With its VarioCam Plus variable valve control system the Porsche Turbo in the fi rst ever water cooled model range 996 in 1999 starts setting new standards in terms of effi ciency and performance The engine s characteristics can be matched to the relevant driving situation with this technology supplied by Schaeffl er VarioCam Plus was subsequently used in other cars of the model range as well 1999 Variable valve control When the Chrysler 300C hits the road in 2004 Schaeffl er demonstrates its expertise in the fi eld of variable valve trains once again The large eight cylinder engine uses a switchable roller tappet that allows cylinders to be deactivated which helps reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions by switching between full stroke and zero stroke 2004 Switchable roller tappet Driving with uninterrupted traction This is made possible by dry and wet double clutches from Schaeffl er LuK Thanks to this technology the engine s torque can be transferred to the wheels and thus to the road without interruption The dry double clutch fi rst appears in the 2008 VW Golf and VW Touran This transmission technology is also used in Volkswagen s high tech XL 1 vehicle 2008 Dry and wet double clutches 2009 By introducing UniAir the world s fi rst fully variable electrohydraulic valve control system in volume production in 2009 Schaeffl er creates new opportunities for the development of engine technology combining eco friendly and dynamic performance The UniAir system of which more than one million units have been sold to date makes its debut in the Alfa MiTo Electrohydraulic valve control system 40

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