2015 2018Mechatronic roll stabilizer E Axle With the mechatronic roll stabilizer Schaeffl er opens a new chapter in suspension technology The technology is launched in the Bentley Bentayga in 2015 making this innovation the world s fi rst 48 volt application in the suspension system of a production vehicle Its highly dynamic and precise control enables a perfect vehicle setup with maximum spread between comfort and sporty performance Electric mobility is one of the innovation drivers for Schaeffl er The supplier has a long track record in large volume production of components such as transmissions for electric axle systems e g for the Audi e tron They can either be used as stand alone systems or extend an existing front or rear wheel drive to a full fl edged all wheel drive system The specifi c torque distribution between the right and left wheel noticeably enhances safety driving dynamics and ride 2019 2020Space Drive XTRONIC XCU As part of the supporting program for the 24 hour race at the Nürburgring Schaeffl er Paravan pres ents an Audi R8 LMS with Space Drive steer by wire technology the fi rst race car without a steering wheel Other race cars and appearan ces follow The experience gathered there supports the development of the system that has its origins in mobility solutions for people with disabilities Space Drive is a key technology for auto mated and connected driving The VW T6 1 electrifi ed in collaboration between Schaeffl er ABT and VW Commercial Vehicles is equipped with the XTRONIC Control Unit XCU The XCU combines safety monitoring control and convenience functions in just one system In addition the XCU connects all advanced driver assistance systems and collects and standardizes all relevant vehicle and system data Thus the XCU provides the technological basis for autonomous driving 41 In motion

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