Of players and helpers Automaton machine robot humanoid android cobot no matter what names the artifi cial entertainers and workers have been given and what they imply the foundations of this success story brimming with innovations were laid as far back as 3 000 years ago Arguably no one would challenge the notion that robots only exist because Homo sapiens by na ture loves entertainment and has an aversion to work Or to put it in a more positive light strives to maximize effi ciency We can fi nd relevant proof points even in mythology for instance in the myths of ancient Greece where Hephaestus the god of blacksmiths is said to have built automa tons and watchmen to help him in his workshop Vulcan the Roman god of fi re even purportedly crafted slave girls from gold Jewish literature in cludes tales of the golem a giant brought to life by means of clay and gematria that serves and By Roland Löwisch protects its creator without the ability to act auton omously or speak So the urge of humans to create an artifi cial like ness of themselves for the purpose of performing useful work is astonishingly old albeit the fi rst true automatons fell short of being universally us able helpers Yan Chi s singing and dancing doll of wood and leather in the 10th century before Christ is deemed to be the fi rst known mechanically op erating fi gure resembling a humanoid According to contemporaneous writings it must have ap peared very realistic The king stared at the fi gure 42

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