Pneumatica and Automata designs a cart powered by a sand motor to entertain audiences at amphi theaters The driverless vehicle was able to change directions and move along a pre programmed course This primitive mechanism bears great re semblance to a modern binary computer language old fashioned punch cards worked according to ex actly the same principle Another mechanical par ty piece is the fully automated play originated by Philon of Byzantium and refi ned by Heron Amaz ingly the performance of the ancient binarily con trolled animation was nearly ten minutes in length Truly early robotics though can only be found in the works of the Arabian engineer al Dschazarī in amazement It walked at a fast pace while mov ing its head up and down so that anyone would have thought it to be a living human being Aristotle 384 322 BC as always was far more forward thinking believing that automatons could put an end to slavery There is only one condi tion in which we can imagine managers not need ing subordinates and masters not needing slaves This condition would be that each inanimate in strument could do its own work In the 3rd century before Christ Philon of Byzan tium also took at least a small step in this direc tion with his automatic servant Controlled by pressure a vacuum and change in weight this mechanical lady was able to serve a mixed drink of wine and water According to various sources Heron of Alexandria in AD 60 supposedly created the fi rst programmable robot The engineer and author of numerous works on innovation such as Let someone else do the job an idea captured in many ancient tales and mythologies in the form of artifi cial creatures lending a helping hand to the gods like robots are to humans today Pictured above is a golem a giant with its origins in Jewish mythology that s supposed to serve and protect its creator with humongous abilities and power The automatic servant created by Philon of Byzantium was able to serve a mixed drink of wine and water simply when a cup was placed into her free hand The cup s weight would activate the mechanism When the cup was full the process again controlled by weight would automatically stop 1000 BC 3rd century BC 43 In motion

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