It s high time to deal with such issues because even at this juncture our world has become unthinkable without robots By 2022 some two million industri al robots will have been in stalled worldwide Plus millions of service robots that mow lawns vacu um clean fl oors care for the elderly etc etc are added year after year In 2016 the robotic brick layer Hadrian X even built an entire one family home in two days Brick upon brick taking cues from Aristotle that each inanimate instru ment could do its own work Research scientists by the way are pursuing the playful goal of developing a soccer team of auton omous two legged robots by 2050 that could be pitted against the World Soccer Champion A more substantial project is the perfection of the human body for instance by mechanical parts or high res olution sensors with the objectives of walking faster jumping higher or seeing better This culmi nates in ideas of the robotically extended human body as a posthuman being that might be able to colonize the universe Even visionary Aristotle didn t think that far ahead The author Roland Löwisch not pictured is cut out for writing about the history of robots because he feels like one himself ever since a dog has been calling the shots at home Let s face it a dog s master is nothing but a helper and entertainer in any of life s situations and supposed to perform In the summer of 2014 the Japanese company Softbank presented Pepper which according to the company was the world s fi rst social humanoid robot able to recognize faces and basic human emotions Today far more than 10 000 of the beady eyed humanoids are in use worldwide The interactive helpers are well on their way toward becoming a mass product 2014 ever to copy the human gait Japan loves human oids anyway In 2014 the emotional robot Pep per hit the market and has since been sold more than 10 000 times In Japan it has long become common practice for electromechanical copies to greet and serve real humans in hospitals and ho tels Humanoid robots have become established in healthcare settings as well and other coun tries are following the Japanese trend Around the globe humanoids are getting in close touch with humans and making huge development strides also on an emotional level Robots producing themselves A decisive threshold in robotics evolution has been reached when the machines begin to devel op and build themselves and they ve already em barked on this path As early as in 2006 Cornell University unveiled its Starfi sh a four legged ro bot that was able to model itself and taught itself how to walk again after having been damaged Growing intelligence accelerates such develop ments which many people perceive as dystopian Areas such as robotics law and robotics ethics are gaining traction in this context 46

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